How Organic Menstrual Cups will change your life forever?

menstrual cup

Sanitary Waste! One of the hot topics these days. Just know that a single disposable sanitary pad requires about 500 to 800 years to decompose.

But we’re not talking about a single one, we’re talking about the hundreds of thousands of such disposable sanitary waste that is generated every month all over the world. Around 400 million sanitary napkins/pads are generated annually in India alone. Not to mention this is a dangerous amount of pollution that’s killing the planet.

The majority of menstrual products in the market claim to be free from hazardous chemicals, pesticides, and other harmful materials but in fact, are they?! Pads are made out of 90 percent plastic which ends up in seas and rivers. To put it simply, if you ever used pads, they would still be floating in the ocean right now. So you still want to keep it this way or any plans to change?

Well, a piece of free advice for you, the best alternative to this issue being ‘go green cups’, which are magical reusable funnels made from medical-grade silicone that you can simply fold up and insert. The result is a lot of benefits for you and your environment at the same time. Doesn’t that sound good? Yes, now it’s time to jump on to the bandwagon and be a part of a Cup Culture and come out of those disposable products you’ve been using for decades since it is one of the most responsible things to do. You might have never noticed how this practice had contributed to the tones of garbage piling up and polluting the environment.

Health campaigns across India started popularizing the idea of sustainable menstruation and women are being educated on healthy ways to utilize menstrual care products without impacting the environment. The Cup and Cloth Campaign is one such initiative by the organization Green the Red that provides lots of information and concepts of healthy sustainable menstruation in the country. These initiatives provide a positive outlook towards sanitary waste disposal and we can witness them being replaced by reusable alternatives such as menstrual cups.

The Fezy Menstrual Cup has become much popular not because of any other reason but the fact that they’re a lot healthier and easier compared to any other product out there and the best part, they are not environmentally harmful as its counterparts. It is made from soft medical grade silicone and designed to be easy to clean and super comfortable to wear. With proper usage, the cup is reusable for more than 10 years.

The flexibility of the Fezy Menstrual Cup allows it to bend according to your movement, providing you ultimate comfort and protection. Fezy cups can be called the feminine protection of new age. The most beautiful aspect of Fezy women’s love is that it improves their cycle by being less painful and it can be worn during all types of physical activities. They feel fresh all day because of no more odors like the napkins! What else you need more than these brilliant innovations with safe health benefits and supports cost-effective utilization. Start your journey to transform yours into a pad-free region by adopting a healthy cup culture.

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